On February 22, join Sarah Harmer, Tim Gray, Jeff Monague, Becky Big Water, and more as we build a movement to protect our water.

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What are we about?

We believe a healthy environment is critical to Simcoe County’s future.

Farmland, water and natural heritage are key components of a healthy environment and thriving economy, and need better protection. 

We are calling for the  expansion of the Greenbelt to Simcoe County, so that current and future generations can benefit from clean water, local food and green spaces.


Help protect farmland, water, and the environment.

Join us.

Map of Provincial Study Area with Bluebelt Area overlaid

In Simcoe County, the Study Area is shown as shaded, and the Bluebelt Area, based on key hydrological features, is represented in blue/green. (You can find a larger version here.)


Featured Video

Professor Bill Shotyk, of the University of Alberta, explains why the water around Elmvale, Ontario, is the purest on Earth.