SCGC is proud to be part of an alliance of more than 30 groups, from across Simcoe County, working in support of a green and just recovery from COVID-19. Find out more, including how to take action, by following the link below.

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The Tree Planters Podcast

Listen to the Tree Planters Podcast. Available on your favourite podcast app.



Landscape Protections Report

Learn about Simcoe County’s landscape protections.


What are we about?

We believe a healthy environment is critical to Simcoe County’s future.

Farmland, water and natural heritage are key components of a healthy environment and thriving economy, and need better protection. 

We are calling for the  expansion of the Greenbelt to Simcoe County, so that current and future generations can benefit from clean water, local food and green spaces.

Find a number of frequently asked questions, along with a map of where growing the Greenbelt is proposed, here.


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