Letter to the Editor: Let’s grow the Greenbelt in Simcoe County

"Your article was staggering. What was more jaw-dropping is what has been sacrificed to support Barrie’s previous love of sprawl – 154 square-kilometres (26,000 football fields) of natural and semi-natural space, mostly forest.

Forests and natural spaces aren’t just wasted space. They are irreplaceable systems that filter our water and air as well as support our tourism and recreation industry. In fact, those green spaces have been linked to an increase in residents’ mental health and they make our communities more liveable and happy.

Unfortunate as it is that Barrie lost so much to sprawl, there is hope the city will act more responsibly to preserve its natural environment going forward.

With Simcoe County slated to grow to 667,000 people by 2031, there is an increased demand to grow our communities. At the same time, the county needs to preserve its beaches, forests, farmland and rivers for our health and economy. I believe the Ontario Greenbelt can help achieve that balance.

Tell your local council, MPP and the premier that we want the Greenbelt to grow in Simcoe County.

Margaret Prophet - Co-Chair, Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition"

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