Take Action

There are a number of simple ways you can help grow Ontario's Greenbelt, which helps protect water, farmland, and natural heritage.

Drop us a line if:

...you'd like to get more involved. We are always looking for people who want to become a part of our organization.

...you have a particular interest or concern and you are wondering if we can help. We're always willing to give it our best shot, and if it's something we aren't able to help with, we just might be able to connect you with the person who can.

You can reach us at info@simcoecountygreenbelt.ca.

Short and sweet actions you can do right now:

Choose one of the simple and quick actions under the "Take Action" menu, above.

If you'd just like to be in the loop, which means receiving the occasional email with updates and alerts, join us, here. 

And, of course:

...donate. We are a fully accountable and registered non-profit. Our secure donation page can be found here.