Who We Are

The Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition is a not-for-profit group that was established in 2015 as collaboration between various Simcoe County and provincial organizations aimed at growing the Greenbelt to better protect our water, natural heritage and farmland.

All members of our coalition have agreed in principle to this pledge:

"A healthy environment is critical to our communities’ future.  Farmland, water and natural heritage are key components of a healthy environment and thriving economy, and they need better protection.

Thus, I/we pledge to support the expansion of the Greenbelt in Simcoe County, so that current and future generations can benefit from clean water, local food and green spaces."

Want to get in touch? Send us an email. 

Margaret Prophet: margaret@simcoecountygreenbelt.ca

Adam Ballah: adam@simcoecountygreenbelt.ca

Our Members

AWARE Simcoe

Bass Lake Ratepayers Association

Blue Dot Barrie

Blue Dot New Tecumseth

Blue Dot Orillia

Blue Mountain Watershed Trust

Carden Field Naturalists



Elmvale Foundation

Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations (FOTTSA)

Food and Water First (NDACT)

Friends of Strawberry Island

Friends of Simcoe Forests

Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association

Huronia Land Conservancy

Innisfil District Association

Lake Simcoe Association

Living Green Barrie

Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association

Midland-Penetanguishine Naturalist Club

Nature Barrie

North Gwillimbury Forest Alliance

Nottawasaga Steelheaders

Ontario Farmland Preservation

Ontario Headwaters Institute

Ontario Nature

Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition

Save Oro Inc.

Save the Oak Ridges Moraine Coalition (STORM)

Couchiching Conservancy

Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association

Water is Life: Coalition for Water Justice

West Oro Ratepayers Association

What is the Greenbelt?

The Greenbelt is permanently protected countryside of almost 2 million acres that protects key water sources, local foodlands, and green spaces for future generations. It is the world’s largest permanently protected Greenbelt. Since its creation ten years ago, it has become very popular with Ontarians – 93% voiced approval in a 2014 study carried out by Environics, with 74% feeling it was very important to continue to grow the Greenbelt.(1)

What Does the Greenbelt Do?

The Greenbelt protects over 533,000 acres of forests, lakes, wetlands, rivers and streams, saving us $2.3 billion in water filtration, flood mitigation and drinking water treatment. Further, it protects the habitat of 78 species at risk and protects the land of over 5,500 farms.(2)

Why Does Simcoe County Need the Greenbelt?

Simcoe County is the largest municipality in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, with an anticipated growth to 667,000 people by 2031.(3) We have a responsibility to protect the things that make Simcoe County a great place to live and play and that strengthen our local economies. Provincial studies show that our two main watersheds in Simcoe are no longer able to keep up with our population growth(4) and that Barrie, Bradford, and Midland/Penetanguishine may not have the quantity of groundwater needed to support their residents in the future.(5) Frequent beach closures, water restrictions and water bans indicate that our water systems need more effective protection before it’s too late.

What Would the Greenbelt Mean for Simcoe County?

The Greenbelt would strengthen the policies that protect of our water (hydrologic) systems, natural heritage, and our farmland. The Greenbelt plan ensures:

  • Simcoe’s water systems will be protected, including areas that are not adequately protected through current Simcoe County policies such as Lake Couchiching, Severn River and Georgian Bay.
  • Communities can continue to grow responsibly. Simcoe County (minus the cities of Barrie and Orillia) has enough land designated to grow until at least 2031 and also has an oversupply of land to accommodate an additional 150,000 people beyond this date.(6) Greenbelt protection would limit costly sprawl and ensure future growth is concentrated where infrastructure and jobs already exist.
  • The health of our forests, streams and wetlands will be protected so that they can continue to support Simcoe’s $600 million tourism and recreation industry.
  • Simcoe’s 2,189 operating farms(7) and agricultural communities will be protected so that they can continue to provide local food and generate jobs. 

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Prepared by: Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition